Definition of lounger in US English:



  • 1A person spending their time lazily or in a relaxed way.

    • ‘I think, Watson, that the time has come for me to cease being an armchair lounger.’
    1. 1.1British
      another term for chaise longue
      • ‘No doubt there will be palm trees and cocktail loungers around the swimming pool, just adding to that Hollywood effect.’
      • ‘Our lounger features a deeply padded, machine washable, canvas seat that is supported by its steel frame.’
      • ‘Roxanne gazed around the pool to see if there were any other free sun loungers.’
      • ‘Her taut, athletic stature moved fluidly across the pool deck toward the lounger.’
      • ‘This ingenious garden allows sunbathers working on their tan to follow the sun through 360 degrees - without ever leaving the comfort of their sun lounger.’
      • ‘These pool floats and pool loungers are durable and long lasting.’
      • ‘So I relax back in my lounger to indulge myself in the Caribbean sun as the barman fetches my cocktail.’
      • ‘I walk back out to the garden and lay on the sun lounger beside Zoe and Girl.’
      • ‘There were also a lovely gilded desk, soft comfortable chairs and loungers that invited a person to grab a book and read for the whole day.’
      • ‘The accommodation has an outdoor pool, sun terrace, sun loungers, poolside snack bar, gardens and a pool table.’
      • ‘My ideal day off is one spent with a book, a bottle of water and a comfortable lounger somewhere in the sun.’
      • ‘He took a white-filtered cigarette from a packet which lay on a glass-littered table beside the sun lounger.’
      • ‘The beach loungers are well spaced apart and you can walk straight into the sea.’
      • ‘Women in various stages of undress reclined on loungers around the edge of the room and a beautifully ornate staircase dropped from its centre down to the spa facilities below.’
      • ‘A window was broken and a few wooden sun loungers were tossed about.’
      • ‘Guy rests his head down on the sun lounger by the pool and closes his eyes, sighing as the warm rays of the sun soak into his body.’
      • ‘Toby was relaxing on a sun lounger reading Lord Of The Rings and talking to Tom.’
      • ‘The complex has an outdoor pool, sun terrace, sun loungers, poolside bar serving snacks, and a restaurant with both a traditional and international menu.’
      • ‘Rather than providing a portrait of one particular day by a pool, the composition reduces the subject to its essentials: a stand of flowers in a garden, a woman reclining on a lounger, and the water of the pool.’
      • ‘The designs are modern but simple and include curved benches, wooden loungers and tree seats that encircle a trunk.’