Definition of loudspeaker in English:



  • An apparatus that converts electrical impulses into sound, typically as part of a public address system or stereo equipment.

    • ‘We preferred the headphones as music on the loudspeaker didn't sound too good to us.’
    • ‘A single switch controls all lights and there are separately controlled loudspeakers connected to a central system.’
    • ‘A loudspeaker was added to the playback system to fill in some of the higher frequency components.’
    • ‘The loudspeakers are almost always the limiting element on the fidelity of a reproduced sound in either home or theater.’
    • ‘The concerts are free from artificial electric sound systems, microphones and loudspeakers.’
    • ‘The electricity reaches the loudspeaker, which converts it back into sound.’
    • ‘They even figured out how to fit a loudspeaker system which ran through the whole house.’
    • ‘To listen in, researchers record the vibrations and play the recordings back though a loudspeaker.’
    • ‘At nightfall, the ceremony ended with a recorded train whistle sounding over loudspeakers.’
    • ‘We have infinitely more microphones and loudspeakers than they had in the twenties.’
    • ‘In this case, loudspeakers for the masking system were placed behind unducted ventilation grills.’
    • ‘Hearing aids are electronic devices made up of a microphone, an amplifier, a loudspeaker and a battery.’
    • ‘The device can also be used to accept telephone calls and conduct phone conversations over a loudspeaker.’
    • ‘Information should only come through public loudspeakers and the official press.’
    • ‘The loudspeaker system provided little amplification, making it difficult to hear the speakers.’
    • ‘The loudspeaker system is usually turned up to a very high decibel level.’
    • ‘Hospital staff with loudspeakers appealed to the public for food and other supplies.’
    • ‘The loud beep, which meant the loudspeaker had come on, rang through the room.’
    • ‘A moment later a very slow song sounded from the loudspeakers, and Nicky asked me to dance again.’
    • ‘These classes are conducted in the monastery and broadcast on loudspeakers out to the public.’
    public address system, pa system, speaker, speaker unit, speaker system, microphone
    loud hailer, megaphone
    mike, mic
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