Definition of lotus-eating in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See lotus eater

    • ‘It's all very well being cool in the lotus-eating time of youth.’
    • ‘His Aman resorts are best known as tropical havens of lotus-eating luxury, pleasure domes of extreme relaxation.’
    • ‘The author evolves a wonderfully aimless routine of late-century lotus-eating for his characters, none of whom have any particular reason for being in Paris stronger than the need to be away from some particular other place.’
    • ‘The other is a lotus-eating exercise in futurology and speculative metaphysics that sometimes left me breathless and sometimes made my flesh creep.’
    • ‘He lived with these Indians for some years, searching for diamonds in the beds of jungle streams and greatly enjoying the potent mixture of lotus-eating and spartan endurance that was his lot in the grandiose diamond country.’