Definition of lose one's grip in US English:

lose one's grip


  • Become unable to understand or control one's situation.

    ‘an elderly person who seems to be losing his grip’
    • ‘This hasn't stopped columnists wondering aloud if the Prime Minister is losing his grip.’
    • ‘It's a common misconception that Elvis got fat immediately and lost his grip.’
    • ‘‘Drugs are ruining society,’ Mr Taggart said, while maintaining that police were not losing their grip.’
    • ‘And if her newest release is any guide, she's not about to lose her grip anytime soon.’
    • ‘Administrators appeared to have lost their grip.’
    • ‘‘I think he's lost his grip and the government has lost its way,’ said Mr Howard.’
    • ‘Yes, this can be seen in our society, where even politicians lose their grip and fail to control their rage.’
    • ‘I was feeling really unwell, like everything was starting to spin out of control and I was losing my grip…’
    • ‘She could feel herself losing her grip on the situation.’
    • ‘Anyone who believes that the country currently has a more socially polarizing climate now than in 1970 is, well, either lying or lost their grip on reality.’