Definition of Lorentz transformation in US English:

Lorentz transformation


  • The set of equations which in Einstein's special theory of relativity relate the space and time coordinates of one frame of reference to those of another.

    • ‘These experiments and others give us confidence in the Lorentz transformations and special relativity.’
    • ‘According to Einstein's theory, a relativistic equation has to use coordinates that have the proper Lorentz transformation properties.’
    • ‘The extent of this distortion of space and time is described by a set of equations that are now known as Lorentz transformations.’
    • ‘The reasoning is that, since Lorentz transformations are continuous, and since entropy can only change discontinuously, it follows that entropy must be invariant under Lorentz transformations.’
    • ‘Unlike the Galilean transformation, the Lorentz transformation involves a change of spatial distance and a change of time interval between two inertial systems.’