Definition of Lorentz force in US English:

Lorentz force


  • The force which is exerted by a magnetic field on a moving electric charge.

    • ‘Now if we apply a magnetic field perpendicular to this plate, the electrons moving along this one direction will experience a Lorentz force in the plate perpendicular to the current.’
    • ‘Since the electrons in the Cooper pair have opposite momenta, the Lorentz force acts in opposing directions and the pair breaks up.’
    • ‘In the presence of a magnetic field, the Lorentz force causes the resonator to vibrate.’
    • ‘It is thus the asymmetry in the Lorentz forces that cause the movements, as long as the circuit doesn't deform itself axially.’
    • ‘To change the velocity of an electron requires that a Lorentz force acts on it, through an electric or a magnetic field.’