Definition of Lord Chancellor in English:

Lord Chancellor

(also Lord High Chancellor)


  • 1(in the UK) the highest officer of the Crown, responsible for the efficient functioning and independence of the courts, and formerly presiding over the House of Lords, the Chancery Division, or the Court of Appeal.

    • ‘The three councils described below work together to advise the Lord Chancellor on archival matters in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Off the Bill went and now it has come back with another place disagreeing with our belief that future Lord Chancellors should continue to be both Lords and lawyers.’
    • ‘Before issuing either Code, the Secretary of State and Lord Chancellor must consult the Information Commissioner.’
    • ‘With circuit judges, Lord Chancellors have statutory power to dismiss for misconduct or incapacity.’
    • ‘Irrespective of whether there is a Lord Chancellor and an impressive new Supreme Court, the position of the judiciary has been demonstrated to be far too exposed.’
    1. 1.1historical An officer of state acting as head of the judiciary and administrator of the royal household.
      • ‘I have been reading up on former Lord Chancellors and exactly what their role has been politically and some had very strong political roles, some less.’
      • ‘The titles given are those held by both Lord Chancellors and Lord Keeper at the time they held the Great Seal.’
      • ‘It was this Lord Chancellor, after all, who gaily announced that he had abolished himself, only to discover that the constitution didn't allow him to do so.’
      • ‘So they took the Lord Chancellor hostage, holding him on the Woolsack until the legislation abolishing him.’


Lord Chancellor

/lɔrd ˈtʃæns(ə)lər//lôrd ˈCHans(ə)lər/