Definition of loquacity in US English:



  • The quality of talking a great deal; talkativeness.

    ‘he was renowned for loquacity’
    • ‘I continue to be amazed at his eloquent loquacity even if not agreeing with his point of view.’
    • ‘The intoxication was manifest, not so much in violent behavior as in slightly heightened color and increasing loquacity.’
    • ‘Possibly because, as the deputy chief of investigations admitted, his sudden loquacity might well get him a few years off his sentence.’
    • ‘They had the generosity, the charm, the loquacity of visiting uncles.’
    • ‘I flagged down a passing brother, knowing by now that the old vows of silence had given way to a smiling loquacity.’
    talkativeness, over-talkativeness, garrulousness, garrulity, volubility, long-windedness, wordiness, prolixity, verbosity, verbiage, effusiveness, profuseness
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