Definition of loosen someone's tongue in US English:

loosen someone's tongue


  • Make someone talk freely.

    • ‘The wine loosens his tongue and he begins to boast of his conquests of women at shady resorts.’
    • ‘He was slightly drunk and perhaps realised that the alcohol had loosened his tongue a little too much.’
    • ‘All he needed was a few tots of spirits to loosen his tongue and tell one of his adventures, some pleasant, others tragic.’
    • ‘He pre-empts the question with an invitation to his office ‘for a glass ‘, and the red wine dispensed liberally by his trusted assistant, Adrian, soon loosens his tongue.’’
    • ‘We'll just have to give you something that will loosen your tongue.’
    • ‘The confrontation, however, seemed to have loosened Katrina 's tongue.’
    • ‘I guess being tired sort of loosened my tongue, because I replied, ‘She left me last night.’’
    • ‘I felt sleepy and relaxed now, and that loosened my tongue and my senses.’
    • ‘Apparently, it does not take much to loosen your tongue.’
    • ‘Perhaps his impending retirement loosened his tongue.’