Definition of loose-leaf in US English:



  • 1(of a notebook or folder) having each sheet of paper separate and removable.

    • ‘I then looked at my old notebooks from the 1950s and 1960s - loose-leaf binders with the pages falling out, many undated, just lists of numbers.’
    • ‘She shuffled tirelessly through essay after essay just to find one single piece of loose-leaf paper.’
    • ‘A woman in her sixties recited a poem from her loose-leaf notebook, neatly covered in plastic.’
    • ‘Here's your schoolbag that I took last night and fill it with notebooks, folders full of loose-leaf paper, pens, lead pencils, and a medium-size binder.’
    • ‘I sat down and opened my olive green binder to a blank sheet of loose-leaf paper.’
    • ‘After a while, a guy came into the bar, wandered over to the pianist and handed him a loose-leaf book of sheet music.’
    • ‘This manual uses a loose-leaf format that allows for easy removal of patient education handouts and easy placement of future updates.’
    • ‘Inside were ten loose-leaf notebooks, crammed with sheets of paper that looked to be many years old.’
    • ‘A question formed in her eyes as she looked at him while holding the folded loose-leaf paper in her hand.’
    • ‘This resource manual uses a loose-leaf format that allows for the easy addition of updates.’
    • ‘He took the binder of loose-leaf paper from her and held it in his hands.’
    • ‘For two weeks he churned out almost 300 pages of paper, which he compiled into a blue loose-leaf notebook and tabbed with multicolored dividers.’
    • ‘I found a loose-leaf folder of really old poems in the garage at the weekend.’
    • ‘The outline of each computer is smaller than that of a standard sheet of loose-leaf paper.’
    • ‘My knuckles were white from clutching the loose-leaf paper so tightly.’
    • ‘There was a time and location written on it and a sheet of loose-leaf paper attached to the back.’
    • ‘After a bit of experimentation, I was able to replicate the effect using two bottles of spice from my kitchen, a loose-leaf notebook, and a piece of cardboard.’
    • ‘Colin took a small loose-leaf binder and a felt-tip pen from his jacket pocket.’
    • ‘This loose-leaf manual is divided into 12 chapters, each with its own index.’
    • ‘Each of these, 225 pieces of paper in all, is contained in one of two white, loose-leaf notebooks that hold plastic page covers.’
  • 2(of tea) sold in a packet or container rather than in individual teabags or sachets.

    ‘organic loose-leaf tea’
    • ‘We have more than 120 different types of loose-leaf teas.’
    • ‘Four styles of caddies come wrapped in traditional Japanese Washi paper and are available in 7 oz canisters, the typical size for the storage of loose-leaf teas.’
    • ‘The grassy flavor is similar to a young, loose-leaf green tea, but without the bitter aftertaste of the tannins.’
    • ‘Julia is selling loose-leaf tea packaged in boxes designed to look like hardcover books.’
    • ‘Their prices are reasonable for loose-leaf tea.’
    • ‘Another five-course dessert delight - all washed down with cups of premium loose-leaf tea, at this hip tea shop in Liverpool's city centre.’
    • ‘The challenge is simple: brewing loose-leaf tea is infinitely more complex than coffee.’
    • ‘In the glorious Victorian hotel, you can find loose-leaf tea of the quality we were once truly proud of.’
    • ‘The rustic-looking tea scoop easily measures loose-leaf tea for brewing.’
    • ‘She carries about 300 loose-leaf varieties in the small shop.’



/ˈlus ˈˌlif//ˈlo͞os ˈˌlēf/