Definition of looper in English:



  • 1

    another term for inchworm
    • ‘The cabbage looper larvae are a light green color with light stripes running down their backs.’
    • ‘For the most part tachinid flies prey on caterpillars, including cutworms, gypsy moths, tent caterpillars (whose sticky web tents do not protect them completely from these flies), and the ever present cabbage looper.’
    • ‘The company is now field testing its use in reducing looper reproduction as well as evaluating a commercial version of the killing station.’
    • ‘Large amounts of dark green pellets excreted by the feeding looper may stain cauliflower heads.’
  • 2Baseball
    A fly ball that becomes a hit by dropping out of the reach of the infielders.

    • ‘A fast-racing outfielder appears to catch a looper hit into center field by the home team's slugger, but the umpire rules that the speedster trapped the ball after it hit the grass.’
    • ‘And that's a looper hit into right field for a base hit!’