Definition of loop stitch in US English:

loop stitch


  • A method of sewing or knitting in which each stitch incorporates a free loop of thread, for ornament or to give a thick pile.

    • ‘The loop stitch approach is very different from ordinary hand-sewing.’
    • ‘I ADORE the loop stitch. I'm not sure I'd make a whole garment out of loops, but a few rows here and there are so much fun!’
    • ‘Loop stitch is an interesting knitting stitch pattern that is a fun way to work a fringe-like element into a knitting project.’


  • loop stitching

      • ‘Make sure the loop stitching on the underside is covering the hem raw edge.’
      • ‘The suede lining on the back of the belt helps it to hold its position on your waist, and also hides the cartridge loop stitching.’