Definition of loony tunes in English:

loony tunes

(also looney tunes)


North American
  • Crazy; deranged.

    ‘this loony tunes conspiracy theory’
    ‘the whole deal was loony tunes’
    • ‘From its manic looney tunes introduction to Amélie's unhappy childhood, to the dreaming couple's motorbike ride, Amélie is ripe with bawdy humor, trippy invention, and sweet promise.’
    • ‘I just think they're looney tunes and out of control down south, so don't bother.’
    • ‘If you think you live in a democracy, or that the government gives a damn what you think, you really are looney tunes.’
    • ‘He is looney tunes but harmless, and his contribution to the game is colossal.’
    • ‘He is loony tunes but he put a lot of thought into the design, shape and point of his dress.’
    • ‘I don't know about you all, but it sounds a little bit looney tunes to me.’
    • ‘I know he's 72, but he is loony tunes!’

plural noun

North American
  • Crazy or deranged people.

    • ‘The first question is why parents should be happy to entrust their children to the bunch of looney tunes who run our schools.’
    • ‘Everyone said, "You guys are a bunch of looney tunes." Now, they're saying, "You're a bunch of geniuses…."’
    • ‘But looking at the rest of his features, you would never know that he is a looney tunes.’


1980s: from Looney Tunes, the name of an animated cartoon series that began in the 1930s, featuring Bugs Bunny and other characters.


loony tunes

/ˈluni ˌtunz/