Definition of lookit in US English:



North American
  • Phonetic spelling of “look at”

    ‘Hey, lookit that!’
    • ‘‘Hey, lookit this… ‘Ten pointed to a paragraph in the paper.’’
    • ‘Nah, lookit the way she's dressed, said others.’
    • ‘As Charlie explains, ‘Some times somebody will say hey lookit Frank, or Joe or even Gimpy.’’
    • ‘‘Who cares about that, lookit this… ‘said Q, pointing to something.’’
    • ‘Yup, that explains a lot, and would you lookit that?’
    • ‘Heh - lookit that, I'm double the legal limit, but I can walk just fine.’
    • ‘He caused Kineesha to comment, ‘Hey, Jeff, lookit that.’’
    • ‘Hey, lookit Nixon, he got kicked out midway through his second term.’
    • ‘Based on a local joke from the Lanaudière region of Quebec, their name translates to ‘the flock of beavers’ - as in ‘Hey, lookit the flock of beavers over there.’’


North American
  • Used to draw attention to what one is about to say.

    ‘lookit, Pete, this is serious’
    • ‘Now, lookit, there's no point in those blank faces.’
    • ‘Hey lookit, there's this guy… think I've seen him around somewhere…’
    • ‘I mean lookit - just sittin’ there mindin’ your business, when bang!’
    • ‘And lookit: the poor little girl hasn't learned to swim yet.’
    • ‘Well, lookit, I can't think straight right now.’