Definition of lookism in US English:



  • Construction of a standard for beauty and attractiveness, and judgments made about people on the basis of how well or poorly they meet the standard.

    • ‘A US survey on appearance discrimination in the workplace confirms a trend of 'lookism' sweeping businesses across the world, according to employment experts.’
    • ‘The diary disapproves of sexism and lookism in all its curvaceous and beautiful forms.’
    • ‘Of course the show emphasizes lookism and consumerism, but if you watch closely enough, at core the message is, ‘Look good with what you've got, feel good about yourself’.’
    • ‘This form of discrimination, which is prevalent in all areas of life and still hardly regarded, is called lookism.’
    • ‘The lookism in our community keeps the binds of patriarchy firmly in place.’
    • ‘I was amazed at how lookisms, sexisms (probably racisms, if the area I lived in was more diverse) play a part on the estimations of observers.’
    • ‘While lookism is not currently one of the legally prohibited forms of discrimination, its similarity to other forms of discrimination raises the question of whether it might become one.’
    • ‘It doesn't cater to the lowbrow philosophy that romance readers are all about intoxicating escapisms and lookisms and that they will shriek if someone over thirty gets naked.’
    • ‘And thirdly, despite having always been resolutely opposed to sexism, lookism and shapeism I couldn't get over how ugly the crowd was.’