Definition of look-in in US English:



  • 1American Football
    A short pass pattern in which the receiver runs diagonally toward the center of the field.

    • ‘Learn how to execute the basic look-in passing pattern when coaching youth football.’
    • ‘An 88-yard drive ended with Harris hitting Cribbs with a look-in pass two seconds before the break.’
  • 2British informal A chance to take part or succeed in something.

    ‘they didn't let the other side get a look-in in the semifinal’
    • ‘He has 60 ‘loyal’ staff and buys from local bakers and farmers, who wouldn't get a look-in at the Tesco down the road.’
    • ‘It's a fact that lenders typically offer great deals to entice new customers while those who've had a mortgage with them for years don't usually get a look-in when it comes to better rates.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the other side doesn't get a look-in, because it's been tarred as untrustworthy.’
    • ‘They didn't let Dublin's forwards get a look-in in the last 15 minutes.’
    • ‘However, these facts barely get a look-in in current debates, instead being subordinated to concerns over the environmental impact of fuel emissions and how we might fare if and when the fuel runs out.’
    • ‘The problem is, of course, that there are some excellent writers in all these genres who can't get much of a look-in in today's new improved publishing world.’
    • ‘‘Nobody else gets much of a look-in,’ said one official.’
    • ‘In the raging commercialism of professional sport, morality hasn't had much of a look-in.’
    • ‘There could be a jury ’, suggested another man - so at least public opinion would get some kind of a look-in.’
    • ‘She thinks that without lights at those junctions motorists coming in on the smaller road would not get a look-in.’
    • ‘It also means that issues which don't fit into the Orange-Green template are given a low priority, if they get a look-in at all.’
    • ‘Voters know there's no chance of The Greens policy getting a look-in in the current climate.’
    • ‘Anybody who might stand up to him doesn't get a look-in.’
    • ‘Usually translators barely get a look-in but in this collection of nineteen stories set in Paris the translator has also done the selecting.’
    • ‘If there were a leadership challenge there is no way any of these three would get a look-in.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that the two institutions spend most of their time advising, lending to and dictating to developing countries, the rest of the world does not get a look-in.’
    • ‘Poor old Eighties fashions hardly get a look-in.’
    • ‘There are some really good movies that didn't even get a look-in, and many that will no doubt provoke surprise and comment.’
    • ‘I still wonder how that could have happened, and only by the grace of someone dropping out last minute did I get a look-in.’
    • ‘Organic and summer ranges are already on the cards and, thanks to a successful pilot project with peanut butter, the kids could soon get a look-in with their own special menu.’
    chance, lucky chance, good time, golden opportunity, time, occasion, moment, favourable moment, favourable occasion, favourable time, right set of circumstances, appropriate moment, appropriate occasion, appropriate time, suitable moment, suitable occasion, suitable time, opportune moment, opportune occasion, opportune time, opening, option, window, window of opportunity, slot, turn, go, run, clear run, field day
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/ˈlʊk ˌɪn//ˈlo͝ok ˌin/