Definition of look-alike in English:


(also lookalike)


  • A person or thing that closely resembles another, especially someone who looks very similar to a famous person.

    ‘an Elvis Presley look-alike’
    • ‘The event also entered the record books for having the world's largest gathering of Harry Potter lookalikes, with 558 children across the country dressing up as the wizard.’
    • ‘A force takes footage of the suspected criminal and together with the suspect and their solicitor makes a selection of lookalikes from the thousands of images stored on a national database.’
    • ‘This made finding lookalikes rather difficult.’
    • ‘The victim simply views the screen to make his or her decision and police don't have to waste valuable hours scouring the streets for line-up lookalikes.’
    • ‘One Indian story told of a hero who so loved his paramour that when she had to pick him out from a hall of indistinguishable heroes, lookalikes in gold armour, he cut off his little finger so she would know and choose him.’
    • ‘Instead, we'll have a battle of the lookalikes.’
    • ‘The success of Michael Kingsbury's production lies in having found genuine soundalikes and lookalikes.’
    • ‘Around midday, immaculately groomed horses appear, ridden by Antonio Banderas lookalikes wearing broad-brimmed hats and expressions of unassailable superiority.’
    • ‘It was a unanimous decision that both Benjamin and Melissa were the best Harry Potter and Hermione Granger lookalikes from the ones received from people in and around Trowbridge.’
    • ‘Killinghall Primary School in Killinghall Road had hundreds of David Beckham lookalikes running around, as the England football captain's haircut proved most popular among the children attending their hair salon.’
    double, twin, exact likeness, image, living image, mirror image, exact match, replica, clone, imitation, duplicate, copy, facsimile
    spitting image, spit, spit and image, ringer, dead ringer
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