Definition of looder in US English:



Irish English, Scottish, Northern
  • 1A long stout wooden bar or lever; (formerly) especially one used for lifting millstones.

  • 2A long, stout, rough stick. Now Irish English (northern).

  • 3A heavy blow or stroke. Now chiefly Irish English (northern).

  • 4Orkney and Shetland. The platform or floor supporting the stones in a mill; specifically (in a hand mill) the wooden block or bench on which the mill rests and the meal falls. Now chiefly historical.


Irish English, Scottish, Northern
  • with object To give (a person) a severe beating; to thrash.


Mid 16th century. From early Scandinavian, in later use in sense 2 perhaps partly reinforced by association with Irish liúdar stroke, blow<br>mid 19th century. From looder.