Definition of longueur in US English:



  • A tedious passage in a book or other work.

    ‘its brilliant comedy passages do not cancel out the occasional longueurs’
    ‘the last act is sometimes marred by longueur’
    • ‘The script, however, by David King, was no match for its actor, thick with longueurs and sitcom character development.’
    • ‘It is certainly a film with its longueurs, and is often frustratingly opaque.’
    • ‘The present performers shape the concerto's architecture well, and what seem like longueurs elsewhere don't seem tiresome at all here.’
    • ‘That's how opera fans go about their business, collecting wayside works for the inevitable Wagnerian longueurs.’
    • ‘Instead, it's got four good dances, a few good laughs, and not a few longueurs.’
    • ‘None of the symphonic music of Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, Delius, Richard Strauss or Skryabin is without longueurs.’
    • ‘The work has its longueurs, but it is worth waiting around for this inexpressibly limpid and lovely solo.’
    • ‘Despite a few longueurs, this latest episode has a thousand times more energy, more fun, more visual invention, more deliciously arch comic intelligence than anything comparable in the summer movie marketplace.’
    • ‘Even if there are occasional longueurs, the show's visual wit and intelligence remain impressive.’
    • ‘In the right production the longueurs don't seem to matter much - this score becomes more spellbinding each time I hear it.’
    • ‘It's to be expected, of course, that in a film of this length and ambition there will be missteps and longueurs.’
    • ‘Scenes swiftly follow each other in the three acts which last a total of only an hour and 45 minutes, and there are no unwelcome longueurs.’
    • ‘Stillborn epigrams, mechanistic wordplay, and numbing longueurs feel like hapless actors' improvisations.’
    • ‘Since then, the work has been performed in Chicago, where the composer made a few nips and tucks that were supposed to solve problems of pacing and the occasional longueur.’
    • ‘This second half suffered from longueur, and finally ended with Bach's death.’
    • ‘Its war scenes aside, A Very Long Engagement has only the longueurs of Audrey Tautou in the part of Mathilde.’
    • ‘So good is it, that the longueurs of sitting through the first play evaporate within the first minute of sitting through the second, and you can't get better than that.’


French, literally ‘length’.