Definition of longsighted in English:



  • British term for farsighted
    • ‘If you are diagnosed as long-sighted, it is likely that your optician will prescribe glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.’
    • ‘In fact, many get so long-sighted they need reading glasses.’
    • ‘Mr. Ramsay is long-sighted, able to see clearly at a distance, but his view is often blocked by obstacles at close range.’
    • ‘They also check that a child can follow movement in the normal field of vision (looking up, down, and side to side), and is not short-sighted or long-sighted.’
    • ‘We all get long-sighted as we get older, and the red end of the spectrum is where we are first affected.’
    • ‘Left untreated, young children who are long-sighted may eventually lose vision in one eye.’