Definition of longshore drift in US English:

longshore drift


  • The movement of material along a coast by waves which approach at an angle to the shore but recede directly away from it.

    • ‘The homogenization is believed to be the result of depositional processes such as longshore drift and storm activity that rework and mix detritus that may have been originally more stratified.’
    • ‘Linear, prograding coasts are the consequence of a substantial supply of sediment derived by transport along the coast by longshore drift and coastal currents.’
    • ‘At the southern margin, longshore drift induced by the southeasterly winds accumulated carbonate sands and gravel in a spit-platform, at the lee side of a protruding cape.’
    • ‘Rising sea levels and longshore drift since the ice age have created a remarkable, 500 km-long beach.’


longshore drift