Definition of longship in English:



  • A long, narrow warship, powered by both oar and sail, used by the Vikings and other northern European peoples.

    • ‘Wherries evolved from the original Viking longships of 800 years ago, and when you see them compared it's clear they haven't changed much.’
    • ‘Nordic fighters armed with swords and battleaxes took to the streets, while Viking longships cruised on the River Ouse.’
    • ‘Below the empty windows, waves crash against rocks that bear the keel marks of Viking longships.’
    • ‘The Orkney Museum's latest items include models of a Viking longship and a sailing ship as well as children's toys and domestic artefacts.’
    • ‘With some horned helmets and a couple of axes they would have fitted right in on the deck of a longship.’
    • ‘They raided and pillaged, then headed back across the North Sea in their longships.’
    • ‘The terrors of the early 21st century will be as remote to their lives as Viking longships are to ours.’
    • ‘In 875, Alfred went to sea with a small naval force and on the south coast of Wessex met 7 Viking longships and defeated them.’
    • ‘The Scandinavian invaders sailed up neighbouring Loch Long and hauled their longships from the landing place at Arrochar over the pass to Tarbet.’
    • ‘The archaeological indicators that Vikings once cruised offshore are the watchtowers built along the coasts of Spain, France, and Italy by people anxiously looking out for their signature longships.’
    • ‘Their longships could sail in very shallow water, and the navigable rivers that so benefit trade in Europe proved to be watery highways that allowed the Vikings to strike far into the interior of the continent.’
    • ‘He would then live in peace and prosperity, safe from the ferocious Danish longships.’
    • ‘If you ask anybody what their image of the Vikings is it would be of hairy men with blades and axes on board longships.’
    • ‘This is the third maize maze he has planted at his 450-acre farm - last year the puzzle was in the shape of a spider's web and in 2002 it was a Viking longship.’
    • ‘The most likely link is with Viking raiders who penetrated northern parts in the pre-Norman period, sailing their longships into river estuaries before manhandling them into strategic locations.’
    • ‘Planted in the shape of a Viking longship, the aim of the game is very simple - find your way out of five miles of intricate pathways.’
    • ‘You hardly need reminding that it was Captain Helle's intrepid ancestors who took their longships across the Atlantic to the New World and who pillaged and dominated northern Europe for over three centuries.’
    • ‘Viking longships sailed up the Mersey - and Norsemen may have settled on land between Altrincham and Lymm.’