Definition of longline in US English:



  • A type of deep-sea fishing gear consisting of a long main line anchored to the bottom to which shorter lines with baited hooks are fastened at intervals.

    as modifier ‘a longline fishing boat’
    • ‘The longlines are threaded with many thousands of hooks and stretch for up to 50 miles.’
    • ‘Albatrosses fall prey to longlines, baited hooks stretched for miles across the oceans by commercial fishing fleets.’
    • ‘Atlantic longline factory vessels accidentally catch and kill an estimated one million sharks annually.’
    • ‘Therefore, in 2004 the group collectively agreed to reduce the number of longlines per hectare within the Harbour.’
    • ‘The incidental mortality of these species due to longline fisheries has been widely held responsible for the declining populations and threatened conservation status of several species.’
    • ‘These longlines, which dangle hundreds of hooks into the deep, are set to catch swordfish and tuna.’
    • ‘We need to change our fishing practices immediately so that turtles are either not caught by nets or longlines, or don't drown if they are caught.’
    • ‘Environmentalists are also working on strategies to use trade sanctions to rein in longline fisheries.’
    • ‘Once there, they fanned out in two-man dories to set trawls, longlines studded with multiple baited hooks, for cod and halibut.’
    • ‘Thousands of birds are being hooked and drowned on baited longlines set for fish.’
    • ‘Driftnets and longlines are notorious for killing other species, including seabirds and marine mammals.’
    • ‘Drift longlines are prohibited by California state law.’
    • ‘Under state law, floating longlines have been banned for at least 30 years.’
    • ‘All 21 species of albatross are now on the international Red List as a result of being caught and killed on longlines.’
    • ‘Research suggests that longlines take hundreds of thousands of leatherbacks and other turtles each year.’
    • ‘‘It is hard to imagine, I know, but more than 300,000 seabirds are dragged to their death every year after swallowing baited hooks on longlines, many of which can go up to 80 miles behind a boat,’ said the Prince.’
    • ‘Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles are caught annually in nets and on longlines.’
    • ‘A drifting longline consists of a mainline kept near the surface, or at a certain depth, by means of regularly spaced floats.’
    • ‘A hundred or more miles off the west coast of Africa, they found six boats flying flags of convenience and one without any flag trailing longlines for tuna, as well as two large refrigerated cargo vessels.’
    • ‘Pairs of streamers are suspended above the longline, creating an ‘alley’ that albatrosses are reluctant to enter.’