Definition of longish in US English:



  • Fairly long.

    ‘she had longish hair’
    ‘a longish walk’
    • ‘Any kind of vaguely longish carpet you can forget.’
    • ‘Her flaxen hair was styled into a sort of longish Mohawk that swept against her lower back.’
    • ‘The wine suffered badly on the longish Atlantic journey.’
    • ‘It began as a longish, handwritten short story about a man who finds a great deal of money by accident and who subsequently sees his family torn apart by greed.’
    • ‘These policies are likely to be in for a longish period of repeated adjustments.’
    • ‘There is a longish cadenza that is well-integrated into the movement's thematic structure.’
    • ‘They all have slim hips, longish legs, wide shoulders, and flat chests.’
    • ‘Whatever the time of year, the gardens invite a longish stroll.’
    • ‘The book has four longish chapters, each of which focuses on a particular crime or criminal.’
    • ‘I was in a longish line to order a sub at a restaurant at the beach.’