Definition of longingly in US English:



  • With a yearning desire.

    ‘I have been gazing longingly at the menu’
    ‘they still longingly think of their former homeland’
    • ‘I glanced longingly at the bright green bottle of Mountain Dew.’
    • ‘Soldiers look longingly at brand-new Range Rovers and compare them to their beaten-up "old" vehicles.’
    • ‘He stared longingly outside, wishing to be out there among the people, taking a brisk walk in the city.’
    • ‘He looked longingly at the pastries sitting on the counter.’
    • ‘Why do we wait upon the shoreline and look longingly towards the horizon?’
    • ‘The first factory workers in New England often wrote longingly about the countryside they had left behind.’
    • ‘His slate gray eyes stared longingly into my own.’
    • ‘She propped her chin on the desk, staring longingly at the phone.’
    • ‘They stare longingly at a row of classics bound in leather.’
    • ‘Their impetus of drunken fun ranges from the longingly somber to the deepest screams.’