Definition of longe in English:


(also lunge)


  • A long rein on which a horse is held and made to move in a circle around its trainer.

    • ‘It felt strange at first as Sarah led her into the arena, but after a few circles on the lunge Amber felt herself relaxing.’
    • ‘If you don't ride regularly with an instructor, and have a reliable horse, there are many exercises that you can do on horseback without the lunge line to test your position.’
    • ‘This person has to be able to lead your horse on a longe.’
    • ‘Now would be a good time to help your horse to become accustomed to the lunge whip.’
    • ‘You may use a longe line or a buggy whip or some form of bribery to get your horse into that trailer.’
    • ‘I still had a hold on the lunge line so I swiveled around and was able to stop him before he got completely away.’
    • ‘In front of me, on the end of the longe line, L.P. moved from a halt to walk.’
    • ‘Trek picked up the long lunge whip, and pointed it at Shiloh's hip.’
    • ‘Mary unhooks the longe line; I take the reins and circle Tree Top at a canter on my own, relaxed and more in balance than I can ever remember.’
    • ‘Before beginning work on the lunge, it is advisable to ask your vet to check his teeth to make sure there are no sharp points or Wolf teeth in need of removing.’
    • ‘She held out her hand behind him this time, knowing there would be no need for the lunge whip or lead line.’
    • ‘The long lunge whip used for training horses has a uniform diameter.’
    • ‘Willingham had come into the ring where Sabrina had attached a lunge line to the filly's bridle.’
    • ‘His transition, encouraged by a firm command and tension on his lunge line, was quite smooth.’
    • ‘Sabrina swayed gently with the canter, her mother watching Sabrina's every move, as she kept the Clydesdale on the lunge line at a steady pace.’
    • ‘Do you have a tack room full of various bits, halters, lead ropes, lunge whips, lunge lines, and other training equipment or behavior modifiers?’
    • ‘It might be a twirl or a flick or the tap of a lariat or a longe line or a whip.’
    • ‘She scolded, snatching a lunge rope from one of the men.’
    • ‘Jerry Lee worked her for about 20 minutes then saddled her and put her on a lunge line.’


  • Exercise (a horse or rider) on a longe.

    • ‘There are lots of good reasons to longe your horse, as long as you do it well.’
    • ‘I longed the horse for a while and Barbara began to ride him a few weeks later.’
    • ‘By longeing your horse, you are given the ability to watch him from the ground, so you can monitor his movement, his soundness and his natural frame.’


Early 18th century: French, from allonge lengthening out.