Definition of long underwear in US English:

long underwear


North American
  • Closely fitting undergarments with long sleeves or legs, worn to provide warmth in cold weather.

    ‘in addition to long underwear, nothing helps your body fight freezing temps like a shot of whiskey’
    • ‘One of my colleagues was even given long underwear with apples printed on them!’
    • ‘One must look hard to find pure cotton long underwear these days.’
    • ‘I packed as though I were summering in Seattle - a raincoat, jeans, long underwear, and layers, you know.’
    • ‘Fashionable long underwear seems to be the rage these days.’
    • ‘But when he hops out of bed, shirtless, he's wearing a pair of long underwear.’
    • ‘Long underwear underneath relaxing pants is preferred choice.’
    • ‘Early Sunday morning he pulled on two pairs of long underwear and stepped out into the dark, freezing cold.’
    • ‘On Monday, he was wearing two sets of long underwear and an insulated shirt under thick coveralls and a winter coat.’
    • ‘I made a sweaty exit from my sleeping bag and stripped down a few layers to my long underwear.’
    • ‘To go outside, I wear long underwear under snow pants.’