Definition of long-tailed duck in US English:

long-tailed duck


  • A marine diving duck that breeds in Arctic Eurasia and North America, the male having very long tail feathers and mainly white plumage in winter.

    Clangula hyemalis, family Anatidae

    • ‘Below we report the geographic distribution of long-tailed ducks, eiders, scoters, glaucous gulls, and Pacific loons with respect to month and ice cover.’
    • ‘The long-tailed duck, formerly known as the Oldsquaw, is a striking study in light and dark plumage.’
    • ‘These lagoons provide important habitat for moulting long-tailed ducks and scoters, providing abundant food availability, low risk of predation, and protection from wind, waves, and pack ice.’
    • ‘Nearshore waters near the Colville River Delta were particularly important to long-tailed ducks, scoters, and loons.’