Definition of long-haired in US English:



  • Having long hair.

    ‘a long-haired, bearded man’
    • ‘The statue is of a long-haired Lennon sitting casually on a park bench, wearing jeans and his trademark wire-rimmed round glasses.’
    • ‘The actress is now married to a long-haired rock musician from The Black Crows.’
    • ‘They were also clean-shaven, long-haired and wore round woollen hats.’
    • ‘Two long-haired, goateed young men in flannel shirts momentarily stopped their dart game to stare.’
    • ‘She turned heads this week debuting a super-short, cropped pixie cut - a brand-new look for the typically long-haired lady.’
    • ‘Depp looks like the dark prince of fairy tales, long-haired and brooding.’
    • ‘That night, Sullivan also featured four long-haired young Brits making the second of their three consecutive Sunday appearances on the show: The Beatles.’
    • ‘He was cooling his heels at the bar with his date, a long-haired willowy blonde in a low-cut black dress.’
    • ‘One theory is that he went off to India and became a long-haired hippy.’
    • ‘To his right are a long-haired bassist and a long-haired lead guitarist, the second partially obscured behind a high pedal-steel station.’
    hirsute, shaggy, bushy, hair-covered
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