Definition of long-drawn in US English:


(also long-drawn-out)


  • Continuing for a long time, especially for longer than is necessary.

    ‘long-drawn-out negotiations’
    • ‘In 1812, with the long-drawn-out war against Napoleonic France still being waged both at sea and on land, Portsmouth was a busy, various, but generally unlovely town.’
    • ‘We have fought long-drawn battles against the Water Authority exploiting consumers in the name of water-meters.’
    • ‘In particular, imported foodstuffs from the Americas, Australia, and eastern Europe caused a long-drawn-out depression in agricultural prices, which in turn affected industry.’
    • ‘All I can say in favor of this dance is that it is less hermetic and long-drawn-out than your typical Neumeier effort and that, for once, the choreographer isn't leaning on Mahler or Bach.’
    • ‘Finally, the commission must confront, and finally put an end to, the long-drawn-out, sterile and energy-sapping ‘debate’ that revolves around the so-called high arts and Scottish traditional culture.’
    • ‘Inventory reduction is a long-drawn-out and painful affair.’
    • ‘Last year's long-drawn-out pay dispute and strike action has left many Wiltshire firefighters with a bitter aftertaste.’
    • ‘Ron's parents separate and initiate a bitter and long-drawn-out divorce.’
    • ‘Nothing could be worse for city residents than a long-drawn-out wrangle swallowing up a bridge.’
    • ‘The next meet brings in legal experts so that the elderly can thrash out the problems they have when faced with complicated, long-drawn lawsuits.’
    • ‘Moreover, she remembers my abortive but long-drawn-out attempt to learn standard Chinese after I started my job.’
    • ‘I'm inclined to think not - there truly were some heart-stopping moments and long-drawn-out frustrations.’
    • ‘We've talked about what I can do about it, but it would be a long-drawn-out, expensive scenario.’
    • ‘The battle for gender justice has been a long-drawn struggle.’
    • ‘This time there were some terribly long-drawn-out negotiations beforehand about where we could eat.’
    • ‘Every morning at daybreak we would hear hauntingly long-drawn fluid birdcalls.’
    • ‘A long-drawn bugle-note is the signal for the bull to be released from its pen.’
    • ‘The serials are so convoluted and long-drawn-out that even if some of the evil people get punished, it may happen towards the end of the serial.’
    • ‘This could be a long-drawn-out affair, if that's what it takes.’
    • ‘Some of the world's most bitter and long-drawn battles have been fought, not between two religions, but between two sects of the same religion!’
    prolonged, protracted, lengthy, lasting, long-lasting, marathon, overlong, extended, drawn-out, spun-out, dragged-out, dragging, time-consuming, seemingly endless, lingering, interminable
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