Definition of lomatium in US English:



  • A perennial herb of the parsley family, found throughout western North America It has various folk-medicine applications (mainly antibiotic) and is eaten as a survival food.

    genus Lomatium; numerous species

    • ‘Big Summit Prairie, in the Ochoco Mountains, is productive for lomatiums and camas, and contains late Archaic pit house sites.’
    • ‘Bradshaw's lomatium blooms during April and early May, with fruits appearing in late May and June.’
    • ‘Following annual ceremonies, the women harvested the roots of wild celeries, balsams, and lomatiums.’
    • ‘None of the lomatiums or Mariposa lilies have any leaves.’
    • ‘Cook's lomatium, a member of the carrot family, is a small perennial with pale yellow flowers.’
    • ‘However, there is no meaningful scientific evidence that lomatium is helpful for these conditions, nor indeed that it has any antiviral effects at all.’