Definition of lollygagger in US English:


(also lallygagger)


North American
  • See lollygag

    • ‘The next day's very early start didn't gel too well with this renowned lollygagger but cuckoo clocks, fondue and chocolate wait for no man.’
    • ‘More schoolchildren sauntered in and his darting eyes tried to keep track of all ten lallygaggers.’
    • ‘I'm starting to think it might be a lot easier for everyone if we could just get all of these ne'er-do-wells, lollygaggers, and malcontents to put together one class action suit, instead of all of these little petty suits.’
    • ‘You can mix socializers with competitors and hard-chargers with lollygaggers, but it'll be about as much fun as a long carry over quicksand.’
    • ‘To celebrate online lollygaggers, the new "TimeWasters" subsite will keep office workers distracted with more games, jokes of the day and character screen savers.’