Definition of logout in US English:


(also logoff)


  • An act of exiting a computer system or program.

    • ‘Our desktop antivirus software is automatically updated from our server at logon, so a simple logout every night ensures everyone's antivirus signatures are current.’
    • ‘This includes aspects such as passwords, personal identification and automatic logoff.’
    • ‘The required information gathered and logged for these audits is referred to as an audit trail and include the following information: successful logins, logouts, failed logins and password changes.’
    • ‘Since the history normally is written only on logout, this will overwrite the in-memory history.’
    • ‘System administrators should be able to add components such as activities and help items to the system while it is live, requiring no logoffs by users or rebooting of the server.’
    • ‘Looking at the 15 minutes of log before the crash, we find about one thousand login requests and only a few logouts.’
    • ‘At some point, the client application finishes its work and must run the completion protocol to force its own system-wide logoff.’