Definition of Logos in US English:



  • 1The Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the Gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity incarnate in Jesus Christ.

    • ‘Early Christians claimed the truth of the creative and saving Logos wherever the good, the true, and the beautiful appeared.’
    • ‘Why does the evangelist open his gospel by referring to Jesus as the Word or Logos of God?’
    • ‘This has shown that Christ's priesthood cannot be understood as either male or female, but as a priesthood of the incarnate Logos of God, who assumed the perfect human nature without the sin.’
    • ‘This methodology then proceeds ‘downward’ to the Incarnation, to the event in which the Word or Logos became man in Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘Because the incarnate Logos is the source and measure of all creaturely being, a full account of Jesus' identity includes the whole of creation no less than the particular features of the biblical narrative.’
    1. 1.1 (in Jungian psychology) the principle of reason and judgment, associated with the animus.
      Often contrasted with Eros
      • ‘The animus corresponds to the paternal Logos just as the anima corresponds to the maternal Eros.’


Greek, ‘word, reason’.