Definition of logging in US English:



  • The activity or business of felling trees and cutting and preparing the timber.

    • ‘Illegal logging has soared over the past decade, especially since borders opened after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.’
    • ‘However, methods used to harvest the timber, such as clear cutting and logging of old-growth trees, are questionable from an environmental standpoint.’
    • ‘The Worldwide Fund for Nature has been accused of helping to cover up a report on the damage done by illegal logging.’
    • ‘The forestry ministry's data shows that illegal logging and other human activities were detected in some 5.2 million hectares of protected forest and conservation areas.’
    • ‘Illegal logging and timber smuggling influenced the policy and caused price rises for wood domestically.’
    • ‘This person was among those who self-identified as ‘fighting for the forests’ and seeking to end logging of old growth trees.’
    • ‘Though logging is a well-rooted activity, Alvarez believes it can be countered with a permanent, well-equipped police force.’
    • ‘These changes open the doors to many previously proscribed activities, including logging, road-building, oil drilling and even polluting.’
    • ‘The ruthless logging of these magnificent trees is leading to the destruction of precious forests that are critical to the survival of wildlife such as the jaguar.’
    • ‘In Indonesia about 70 percent of timber production is from illegal logging.’
    • ‘Second, linking logging of mature trees to clearing of underbrush is a policy non sequitur.’
    • ‘Across the country, resource-rich provinces are also home to looting, illegal logging and mining activities.’
    • ‘As time passed, the trusses also proved to be more environmentally benign than the rafters because they can be made with small pieces of wood and do not require logging of old growth trees.’
    • ‘Job seekers find occupations primarily in logging and forestry, fishing and the marine industry, tourism, and other business enterprises.’
    • ‘Worse, illegal logging continues even in protected areas.’
    • ‘As a result, Cambodia formed a military task force to investigate illegal logging within its borders.’
    • ‘The illegal logging destroys the habitat of rare species such as orang-utans, Sumatran rhinos, and sun bears.’
    • ‘The result was rather an increase in deforestation and illegal logging and a rapid decrease in forest resources.’
    • ‘This knowledge of fire is conditioned by the social world of organized logging and timber extraction.’
    • ‘At the root of the problem are illegal logging and the loss of wetlands to farming.’