Definition of locum tenens in US English:

locum tenens


  • full form of locum
    • ‘On return home, she worked four months as a locum tenens, filling in for a solo practitioner on maternity leave.’
    • ‘I'm a locum tenens; I don't get health insurance because I'm an independent contractor.’
    • ‘Freud trained as a neurologist and had little psychiatric experience, having worked only briefly as a locum tenens in a mental hospital.’
    • ‘In 1885, while waiting to hear whether or not he had obtained a grant to study with Charcot in Paris, Freud worked as a locum tenens for three weeks in a private mental hospital in Oberdöbling on the outskirts of Vienna.’
    second in command, second, number two, subordinate, junior, auxiliary, adjutant, lieutenant, subaltern, assistant, personal assistant, pa, aide, helper, right-hand man, henchman, underling
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Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin, literally ‘one holding a place’ (see locus, tenant).


locum tenens

/loʊkəm ˈtɛnɛnz//lōkəm ˈtenenz/