Definition of locule in English:



  • Each of a number of small separate cavities, especially in an ovary.

    • ‘Percentage fertility was negatively correlated with the number of cell layers that separated the anther locule from the lacuna that formed between the septum and the stomium.’
    • ‘The number of orbicules present on the locule surface is well in excess of the number of pollen grains within the locule.’
    • ‘Other morphological characters, such as the low number of stamens or ovary locules, and the sometimes rather unspecialized nectarial bracts, could also point towards a close relationship between these two genera.’
    • ‘Parenchyma cells of the pith were packed more closely, especially near to structures such as the locules and vascular bundles.’
    • ‘E. globulus flowers have either four or five locules, and the number of ovules per locule varies.’