Definition of lockbox in English:



North American
  • 1A box that locks, usually for storing money or valuables.

    • ‘During that flight, the gun was placed in a lockbox and stored in the plane's cargo section.’
    • ‘Well done, Mac - now explain to us how that lockbox works again?’
    • ‘I've said it before, and Gephardt's comment reveals the truth of my earlier assertion that there is no lockbox.’
    • ‘Uncle Monty told me you'd be the only one with a key to that lockbox, and would know the combination to the safe.’
    • ‘Seraph stood and put the iron lockbox back in the safe and closed the picture over it.’
    • ‘If you plant that money in your bosom or plant it in a lockbox, it will not grow.’
    • ‘David's lockbox, which they had stolen from the old hideaway, contained the plans for an amazing weather glider.’
    • ‘When someone came over to sell him drugs, Felix was to record the transaction, show the person out, and, without leaving the camera's view, put the drugs he'd bought into a lockbox and lock it with a padlock.’
    • ‘This lockbox enables you to basically lock a key, a door key, inside.’
    • ‘So, Tom, you've installed this lockbox, because, let's face it, nobody puts a key under the mat any more.’
    • ‘A fireproof safe, locking filing cabinet or portable lockbox all provide suitable storage.’
  • 2A service provided by a bank, whereby the bank receives, processes, and deposits all of a company's receivables.

  • 3Any of various computerized devices or services intended to prevent the unauthorized distribution or copying of digitally stored or transmitted data.

    • ‘The content in the lockbox can be synced to any number of computers, which helps law firms and other such organizations keep their documents accessible, updated, and, most importantly, secure.’