Definition of localizable in US English:


(British localisable)


  • See localize

    • ‘His work has been identified in around fourteen other manuscripts, several of them localizable to Utrecht.’
    • ‘Thus perceptual cross-checking may be domain-specific and not localizable in a single region, circuit or system in the brain, in which case the explanations of confabulation would vary accordingly.’
    • ‘The song of Rufousand-white Wrens is very characteristic, consisting of easily localizable pure tones and intermediate-frequency whistles.’
    • ‘Software companies wanting to internationalise their products can start the process by making their software localisable.’
    • ‘The new Localization Wizard extracts localizable strings from setup projects, and packages them into an easily localizable form by any third party, including a freely redistributable visual Localization Tool.’