Definition of lobsterman in English:



  • A person whose occupation is trapping lobsters.

    • ‘Nothing describes life on Cape Cod better than a picture of a lobsterman unloading his day's catch, or identifies London like a shot of a bobby up to his neck in evening traffic.’
    • ‘Interviewing Manny the lobsterman, a 30-year-old college grad with a paltry paycheck, helped clinch that argument.’
    • ‘‘The lobstermen think we're crazy, and maybe we are,’ says Watson.’
    • ‘Did you hear about the lobsterman who won a million dollars in the lottery?’
    • ‘But the best salesmen - the ones I met at conventions, the ones who won awards - they could sell earthquake insurance to a Minnesota farmer and hail insurance to a Maine lobsterman.’
    • ‘Matt, son of a lobsterman, is the local doctor.’
    • ‘Their tools, no less high-tech than the lobstermen's, range from remote-controlled minisubs to infrared video-recorders operated from onshore labs.’
    • ‘This semi-displacement hull form is well suited to fishermen and lobstermen who must get their nets and pots onboard without hanging up on the hard chine of planing hulls.’
    • ‘One month later, lobstermen in Western Long Island Sound began to report sightings of gravid female lobsters dying in the throes of abortive molts.’
    • ‘It is absolutely reprehensible for lobstermen to usurp our right to enjoy boating without dodging hazards to navigation.’
    • ‘You can go to the Web site, type in that number, and meet the lobsterman who caught that lobster in Maine.’
    • ‘His nine-knot yawl was auctioned off to lobstermen.’
    • ‘This is a true co-op owned and operated by the local lobstermen.’
    • ‘I feel sorry for the commercial lobsterman, but the waters belong to everyone.’
    • ‘Only lobstermen's families are up at this hour in summertime, Bryce.’
    • ‘Bryce then stepped over to where Samantha stood on the seaweed-covered ledge; he was wearing a pair of knee-high rubber boots that the lobstermen wore.’
    • ‘I had a lobsterman tell me a while back he doesn't have a problem with gays, but he didn't like the idea of giving them special treatment.’
    • ‘You have to study for years before you're allowed to come to that conclusion, leave your PhD program, and move to Nova Scotia to become a lobsterman.’
    • ‘For over a hundred years, lobstermen have been using those familiar box-shaped net traps to catch lobsters.’
    • ‘They reflected his own lifestyle, for he loved exploring remote areas (including Alaska, Greenland, and Tierra del Fuego) and early in his career he supported himself by working at such jobs as lobsterman and ship's carpenter.’