Definition of lobster thermidor in US English:

lobster thermidor


  • A dish of lobster cooked in a cream sauce, returned to its shell, sprinkled with cheese, and browned under the grill.

    • ‘For mains, Madame had the classic lobster thermidor while I went for the roasted duck leg.’
    • ‘The lobster thermidor was a hefty NT $1,200, but anything cheaper and you would have to be suspicious.’
    • ‘Those who don't want the works, can opt for a poolside five-course set dinner featuring lobster thermidor and flaming cherries jubilee on Valentine's Day at Rp 199,000/person, with a strolling band serenading love songs to boot.’
    • ‘Salads follow, then a range of soups generally under B.100, some pastas, fish and crustaceans including rock lobster thermidor.’
    • ‘Beryl and I are off to the Oyster Shack for lobster thermidor and a slice of the fantastic almond and raspberry tart with clotted cream.’
    • ‘Brilliant, but you tire eventually of lobster thermidor, especially if you're given it for breakfast.’
    • ‘From the $100,000 makeover of the kitchen at Rideau Hall to the expanded wine cellar to the lobster thermidor, Adrienne has annually blown an ever-greater wad of your money.’
    • ‘The next section in the menu has six ways of presenting king lobster, with steamed, BBQ or fried including the standard king lobster thermidor.’
    • ‘We had lobster thermidor today, it was delicious!’
    • ‘Impress your date with lobster thermidor at £34 a shout while Shirley Bassey wafts from the sound system.’
    • ‘For mains, Rony suggested I have the fried pork knuckle, so I accepted, while Madame had rock lobster thermidor as her selection.’
    • ‘There are classics - Provenal fish soup, lobster thermidor - there are lots of curries and spicy stuff from Thailand, Morocco, the Caribbean, there are easy things to make for tea when you have passed the fish shop on the way home.’


Thermidor from Thermidor.


lobster thermidor

/ˌläbstər ˈTHərməˌdôr//ˌlɑbstər ˈθərməˌdɔr/