Definition of lobe in English:



  • 1A roundish and flattish part of something, typically each of two or more such parts divided by a fissure, and often projecting or hanging.

    See also earlobe
    • ‘It's divided into lobes: a large right lobe and smaller left lobe that tapers toward a tip.’
    • ‘The upper portion of the ascending colon lies behind the right lobe of the liver and in front of the anterior surface of the right kidney.’
    • ‘It is characterized by a deep blue-green back, silvery sides and a white belly with black irregular spots on the back, dorsal fin and both lobes of the tail.’
    • ‘Its two horn-like projections, normally hanging down like lobes, were repeatedly folded in order to funnel food into its mouth.’
    • ‘Lung transplantations may involve two lungs, a single lung, or a lobe of a lung (the lungs are divided into lobes, three in the right lung and two on the left).’
    • ‘In each case, microscopic examination of various lung tissue specimens from all lobes of the lung was performed.’
    • ‘At right is another distinctive Newfoundland form - a disc-shaped fossil divided into irregular lobes.’
    • ‘In the image shown in Figure 5, a triangular marker arrangement has been used on both the dorsal and ventral lobes of the tail.’
    • ‘Funnily enough, I don't mind my own voice, it's just seeing all these bits that stick out, like noses, or big lobes on my ears… or chins.’
    • ‘In mice, for example, the heart is on the left side, the right lung has more lobes than the left, the stomach and spleen lie to the left, and the liver has a single left lobe.’
    • ‘The sturgeon tail behaves mechanically as an extremely flexible sheet with flexible dorsal and ventral lobes following the central tail region.’
    • ‘In these the fins have lost their lobes, and one lung has been lost and the other converted to a swim bladder.’
    • ‘What effect does this asymmetrical function of the dorsal and ventral tail lobes have on patterns of water flow in the wake?’
    • ‘This finding suggests a direct pressor effect in patients with normal function of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland.’
    • ‘Examination of other organs, including the brain, showed only old scarring of the middle lobe of the right lung.’
    • ‘Multiple diffuse, single, and confluent nodules were present in all lung fields and liver lobes.’
    • ‘The heart-lung block was removed, and the transplanted left lung and native right lung were divided into three lobes on each side.’
    • ‘At the level of the neck of the bladder, it enters the right lobe of the liver.’
    • ‘The enlarging lobes of the prostate create a compressive obstruction of the urethra, resulting in decreased force and caliber of the urinary stream.’
    • ‘With their long, slim bodies, they can be recognised easily by the large white tip on their first dorsal fin and the upper lobe of the tail.’
    1. 1.1 Each of the parts of the cerebrum of the brain.
      • ‘Behind the ethmoid spine is a smooth surface slightly raised in the midline, and grooved on either side for the olfactory lobes of the brain.’
      • ‘The inside of the fossil's skull bears an imprint of brain lobes that correspond to modern brain regions dedicated to interpreting sight and smell.’
      • ‘The sulci are considerably narrower than the lobes.’
      • ‘The temporal lobe is perhaps one of the most complex structures in the entire brain, it's certainly the most heterogenous lobe in the brain.’
      • ‘A TMS coil was held over the visual processing areas in the right occipital-parietal lobes.’
      • ‘He had a basal skull fracture, lacerations to his scalp, facial abrasions and contusions to both frontal cerebral lobes.’
      • ‘Certain upper lobes within the brain serve as controls for memory and learning.’
      • ‘It associates these categories with particular parts of the brain - regions, lobes, and areas.’
      • ‘A primary function of the frontal and prefrontal lobes is to inhibit responses.’
      • ‘Both twins had computer chips surgically implanted in the lobes of their brain, and a tiny computer chip stuck out just where the head met the neck.’
      • ‘In the course of his comparative studies of the mammalian brain, Broca identified the limbic lobe.’
      • ‘The prefrontal lobe is known to be involved in pragmatic language processes and complex social cognition.’
      • ‘The results were used with a formula to measure a brain region called the medial-temporal lobe.’
      • ‘But they said, they told us looking at his CAT scan that both lobes of his brain had been severed.’
      • ‘The division into frontal and posterior lobes of the brain was based on the functional specialisation of these lobes.’
      • ‘What I've hopefully done is lit a spark in your brains that'll burn a tunnel from your prefrontal lobes to your medulla oblongata.’
      • ‘I might as well sell a lobe of my brain, or a chamber of my heart.’
      • ‘I've been told that dyslexics have less connections between the two lobes of the brain, instead of too many as with epileptics.’
      • ‘This reduction in relative size would have concomitantly influenced the geometry of the relationship between the ocular lobes and the frontal lobe.’
      • ‘The rearmost of the four lobes is the occipital lobe, but there is no sulcus to define its limit on the lateral surface.’


Late Middle English: via late Latin from Greek lobos ‘lobe, pod’.