Definition of loan book in US English:

loan book


  • 1A record of the loans held by a bank or finance company.

    ‘a review of the commercial property loan book didn't reveal any hidden losses’
    • ‘It would send inspectors to some of the banks to see that their loan books follow the directives.’
    • ‘His auditors have scoured the loan books of the country's major banks and have produced a credible figure.’
    • ‘At least half of borrowers on the loan books of national development finance institutions should be black-owned companies and collective enterprises.’
    • ‘The boss of the Financial Services Agency wants a quick and forceful cleanup of banks' loan books.’
    • ‘If Japan's banks don't clean up their loan books once and for all, they won't be doing much lending.’
    • ‘Once a bank elects to use the IRB approach in one portion of its loan book, it must do so for all of its loans.’
    • ‘The insurance commission last week commissioned the auditing firm KPMG to investigate First Mutual as the latter's loan book indicates unauthorised deposit to a bank.’
    • ‘They are bearing down hard on banks to flush out scandalous behavior, fire renegade bank executives, and finish the cleanup of dodgy loan books.’
    • ‘Every new record is accompanied by assurances that all borrowers are being stress-tested and that their loan books are hunky-dory.’
    • ‘He referred with approval to a submission made by counsel about a prospective buyer inspecting the loan book of a commercial lender.’
    1. 1.1 The collective value of the loans held by a bank or finance company.
      ‘the bank has nearly tripled its Malaysian loan book’
      • ‘Last year for example, the company was earning net interest margins of 1.43 per cent on its total loan book.’
      • ‘If the bank wants to target double digit growth of its loan book, it will be unable to combine this goal with the funding of any meaningful acquisitions unless it has a substantial rights issue.’
      • ‘The bank's corporate loan book has now declined by almost 40% in two years to about $60 billion.’
      • ‘The English property loans account for as much as 28 per cent of its current loan book.’
      • ‘Your competitors argue that you are buying market share at the expense of the quality of your loan book, and that you are heading for a fall.’
      • ‘The bank required substantial recapitalisation, which was achieved indirectly by purchasing the non-performing loan book from CSIB.’
      • ‘The drive to expand the loan book is being replaced by a cautious assessment of the loans already on the books.’
      • ‘This effectively involves transferring the bank's loan book - or part of it - to a special purpose vehicle funded by bond investors.’
      • ‘Although the RBS loan book grew by 20 per cent last year, provisions for bad and doubtful debts rose by only 14 per cent.’