Definition of loaded for bear in US English:

loaded for bear


North American
  • Fully prepared for any eventuality, especially a confrontation or challenge.

    ‘to play on the big stage that is New York, you'd better come loaded for bear’
    • ‘Ashcroft went before the Commission loaded for bear.’
    • ‘We're in the midst of a major exercise and the B52's are all prepped and ready to go; loaded for bear and ready to crush an imaginary foe.’
    • ‘The Democrats are loaded for bear on the domestic side, and Bush better be ready.’
    • ‘Manucci's mouth is loaded for bear, and he manages to keep insulting and lying to them even under torture or threat of death.’
    • ‘No subtlety, no finesse, just 30 guys showing up, loaded for bear and ready to die.’
    • ‘Now, additionally armed with the Sony DSC-T1 pocket camera, I'm 5 megapixels across the board and loaded for bear.’
    • ‘Expedition No 2 sees the intrepid trio bound for the Congo after Goliath Tigerfish, loaded for bear.’
    • ‘Loge, of Brentwood, Calif., has gone to the late rounds at just about every event he's attended and is loaded for bear.’
    • ‘I think it goes without question that you know that Penske is going to be loaded for bear because it's in their backyard.’
    • ‘It'll tell you that the 2000 Redskins were loaded for bear, that the 2001 Rams couldn't be stopped and that Michael Vick was destined to change the way the quarterback position is played.’
    • ‘I had a mid-afternoon case of the sleepies and now I'm wide-awake and loaded for bear.’
    • ‘There stumbled a miner fresh from the creeks, dog-dirty, and loaded for bear.’
    • ‘This was a one-squadron show so we were out in force and loaded for bear.’
    • ‘Sure, several nations are now loaded for bear, but they all insist that they would never be the first to touch off a nuclear conflict.’
    • ‘For Lehman, the Pike staff ‘came in loaded for bear.’’
    • ‘With Garciaparra expected back later this month and Martinez apparently over his usual midseason health scare, the Sox could be loaded for bear like never before in the second half of the season.’