Definition of load factor in English:

load factor


  • 1The ratio of the average or actual amount of some quantity and the maximum possible or permissible.

    • ‘Of course the average train over that particular journey probably has a higher load factor than the average car travelling between that same pair of cities.’
    • ‘This represents an average load factor of 70 per cent.’
    1. 1.1 The ratio between the lift and the weight of an aircraft.
      • ‘Your aircraft's wing interprets vertical gusts as a change in the angle of attack, thus significantly increasing the load factor.’
      • ‘Using a side-stick controller, the pilot will fly a longitudinal load factor and a lateral roll rate.’
      • ‘First, since vehicle loss does not pose an inherent risk to human life, design margins can be reduced below the traditional 150 percent design load factor traditionally used for manned aircraft.’


load factor