Definition of load displacement in US English:

load displacement


  • The weight of water displaced by a ship when laden.

    • ‘The propulsion system provides MM Etna with a continuous speed of 21 knots at full load displacement.’
    • ‘And the ship has been designed to begin its life well below its anticipated deep load displacement of 7,000 tonnes so its speed and manoeuvrability will not suffer as modifications inevitably add to its weight.’
    • ‘San Giusto has a full load displacement 300t higher than her sister ships.’
    • ‘The overall length is 88.40m and the full load displacement is 1,520t.’
    • ‘The load displacements are summarized in Figure 2.’
    • ‘The hull design is based on the earlier Admiral Gorshkov, launched in 1982, but it is larger with a full load displacement, 58,500t as compared to 40,400t.’
    • ‘The ship has a full load displacement of 4,500t and carries sufficient fuel and stores for a range of 7,000 nm between replenishments.’
    • ‘The standard displacement (fully manned and stored) is 13,000t, and the full load displacement (with fuel, ammunition, stores, water) is 16,000t.’
    • ‘The slender stabilized trimaran monohull proposed by the General Dynamics team has an overall length of 127.8m, maximum beam of 28.4 metres and full load displacement of 2,637t.’
    • ‘The fast attack craft uses a steel hull construction and the full load displacement is 245t.’