Definition of living dead in US English:

living dead

plural noun

the living dead
  • (in fiction) reanimated corpses that have been turned into creatures capable of movement but not of rational thought; zombies.

    ‘the living dead slowly amble forward with one leg dragging behind’
    • ‘Will they become a midnight snack for the living dead?’
    • ‘The living dead are among us.’
    • ‘Charles recognizes those who are the living dead, and he does not want to become one of them.’
    • ‘A small boy got attacked and eaten by the living dead.’
    • ‘The living dead have taken over the world, and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves.’
    • ‘He was brave enough to venture out among the living dead.’
    • ‘The living dead emerge from a lake to inhabit a deserted house.’
    • ‘They are living dead, I don't think they do have much in the way of thinking, they just have the instinct to feed.’
    • ‘With his trusty cricket bat in hand, he sets off to collect a few other survivors before they become unwitting meals for the living dead!’
    • ‘Shaun's grief with his girlfriend and his mom is the focal crisis of his life until it gradually dawns on him that London is overrun with groaning, flesh-eating living dead.’