Definition of livelong in English:



  • (of a period of time) entire.

    ‘all this livelong day I lay in the sun’
    • ‘Late in the day, I came to realise I'd not seen another living soul, apart from Dolly, the livelong day.’
    • ‘Why should your beloved canine doppelgänger be restricted to a life of culinary and sartorial monotony while you dine out, groom obsessively, and gussy yourself up all the livelong day?’
    • ‘I love having no idea what time it is, all the livelong day.’
    • ‘This canine workaholic was originally conceived to toil the livelong day in blazing heat or frigid cold in Australia's back of beyond, also known as the outback.’
    • ‘Hell, viruses could replicate all the livelong day inside the run-down motel that is my body as long as they didn't produce any symptoms.’
    entire, whole, total, complete, full, long
    unbroken, undivided, continuous
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Late Middle English leve longe dear long (see lief, long). The change in spelling of the first word was due to association with live.