Definition of live weight in US English:

live weight


  • The weight of an animal before it has been slaughtered and prepared as a carcass.

    • ‘At $10-plus per pound of live weight, largemouths are worthy of protection, including mandates for barbless hooks on some water.’
    • ‘The purchase price in Bulgaria is about 4.5 leva/kg of live weight.’
    • ‘If separate manure storage is needed, plan for about one-half cubic foot per day per 1,000 pounds live weight for raw manure.’
    • ‘Both systems provided detailed analyses of unit cost structures and use live weight purchased as a control factor.’
    • ‘It had a live weight of 1300 kg, recorded 866 kg while the carcass was still warm and eventually settled at a cold weight of 845 kg.’
    • ‘Water constitutes approximately 60 to 70% of an animal's live weight and consuming water is more important than consuming food.’
    • ‘Per capita consumption was estimated at 17 kg live weight in 2002.’
    • ‘That can add up at today's price of $3 per pound live weight.’
    • ‘We also expect that there will be some modest gains in productivity on these animals' live weight.’
    • ‘As the year progresses, the lambs' live weight drops from around 115 pounds to around 105 pounds.’
    • ‘These large changes in volumes and concentrations are a result of both increases in number of birds processed and in the average live weight of the birds processed.’
    • ‘Recently this buyer was bidding $1.30 per pound live weight on 30-to 50-pound goats.’
    • ‘The live weight of sea fish landed into Scotland rose by 8% to 378,000 tonnes last year, worth a total of £315 million, arise of 4%.’
    • ‘The combined impacts of the increased ADG and decreased variability in pig live weight will provide producers extra profits of $2.99 per pig on average.’
    • ‘York Butchers' Association's members had decided not to purchase cattle offered by live weight, and farmers had taken exception to this.’
    • ‘A simple rule of thumb for the amount of blend to feed in the TMR is to offer 0.5 Kg of blend per 50 Kg live weight, plus add 0.5 Kg of blend to the total amount.’
    • ‘No rabbit outperforms a Florida White for percentage of edible meat per pound of live weight.’
    • ‘Changes in producers' profits are likely realized from the association of AGP use with mean live weight and weight variation.’
    • ‘He tries to keep 60,000 pounds of live weight per acre of irrigated pasture, and has a handshake deal with another farmer who pays him 30¢ for each pound gained by the yearling cattle.’
    • ‘An average dressing percent, or the percent of the live weight that becomes carcass, for show lambs is approximately 54%.’


live weight

/ˈlīv ˌwāt/