Definition of live to regret something in US English:

live to regret something


  • Come to wish that one had not done something.

    ‘those who put work before their family life often live to regret it’
    • ‘If we don't let the police do their job we may all live to regret it.’
    • ‘Did you live to regret it or was it the best thing you've ever done?’
    • ‘Some people commit minor offences when they are young and live to regret it.’
    • ‘Engage any railway buff in a conversation about old lines and you might live to regret it.’
    • ‘And if you so much as tell one single soul about this, you will live to regret it.’
    • ‘It will cost us money, but if we hand this problem on to the next generation we will live to regret it.’
    • ‘It was thoroughly distasteful and I bet he is living to regret it now.’
    • ‘Sadly, many women made the mistake of opting for the lower married woman's stamp and lived to regret it.’
    • ‘So if the government fails to take this opportunity, it may live to regret it.’
    • ‘As soon as I'd accepted the dare I knew I would live to regret it.’